ADWV’s Virtual Program

If your looking for the most flexible option, Drop In classes are the perfect solution for you!  Whether your schedule doesn’t allow for a monthly commitment or you want to try multiple classes before registering, Drop In classes are an easy way to take classes whenever it works for your schedule.  It’s also a perfect combination with our Basic Retention Package.  By combining the two, not only will you get to take classes on your own time, you also get the amazing perks of the Basic Retention Package including full access to our archived class video library, priority registration for the fall season, no registration fee, discounted virtual summer camp tuition, a free t-shirt AND a 15 minute private with the teacher of your choice!


To enroll in a Drop In Class, email the studio here with the subject DROP IN CLASS – STUDENT NAME – CLASS NAME – TIER 1, 2 or 3 to let us know which class you would like to take.  You will then get an email with our updated waiver.  As soon as we receive the waiver back, the Zoom Meeting information will be sent in a follow up email.   We will be charging for Drop In Classes after your email request.  Please note that our teachers will be taking roll in each class and that you will be charged for each class you attend.

Our tried and true method of registering for classes except now, you have 3 tiered payment options available to you. Scroll below to see the pricing breakdown for each tier!

We are thrilled to be offering tiered payment options for our Unlimited Tuition as well!  If you take more than 4 hours of class from our Virtual Program, you will be considered an Unlimited Student.  With our Unlimited Tuition Program, you will get a link attached to your “Unlimited Class” to EACH AND EVERY ZOOM MEETING CLASS ID AND PASSWORD!

Our Retention Program offers 4 packages, each with incredible perks!  Any package above the Basic package INCLUDES UNLIMITED LIVE CLASSES for the entirety of our virtual program as well as unlimited access to our entire past, present, and future online video library.  All packages listed below are considered a monthly membership that you are committing to until we reopen our doors here at ADWV.  In order to qualify for the Retention Program, you must sign up in the month of May or agree to pay the monthly fee from the month of May up to the month you sign up for the program.  For instance, if you sign up for the Plus Retention Package at $200 per month in June, you will pay $400 upon registering for the months of May and June and $200 each month after until we open the studio again.


In order to make the Retention Program packages not only worth your money but the exceptional deals they are, we jam-packed each one with real value and exciting perks.  From unlimited classes, to ADWV gear, to discounted Summer Camp rates, to free tickets to next years’ Annual Performance, to private lessons, to free virtual Master Classes, and so much more, these packages are truly built for you to all get the absolute biggest bang for your buck!


This Retention Program will not only provide you and your dancer perks to last throughout next year, it will also be a massive source of support to your faculty, staff and studio as a whole.  Joining our Retention Program will ensure that we can take care of our teachers, it will keep you an active member of our dance family, and it will help ensure that this place that so many of us call our home away from home, will still be here when this is all over.


Basic Package – $50/mo


Plus Package – $200/mo


Premium Package – $250/mo


Supreme Package – $300/mo

With so many of our families struggling with layoffs, pay cuts, and furloughs, we wanted to provide an opportunity for those dancers to continue dancing through this storm.  With that said, we have created a fund so that those of you who are able to give a little bit more can put some money towards classes for those in our community who may not be able to afford dance classes at this time.  On our website or directly below, you will find a ‘Donate Now’ button that will allow you to do so.  If you are a family who has lost your source of income and ADWV has been a source of comfort for you or your dancer, we are here for you and encourage you to please reach out to us and let us know.


Registration is now OPEN! Register today to reserve your spot in your favorite class!